HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lift

HIFU Treatment, Chester

WHAT IS HIFU Treatment?

HIFU stands for High-intensity Focus Ultrasound and is a revolutionary alternative to cosmetic face-lifting. No surgery is required. HIFU tones and lifts the face, neck and eyes which results in a natural uplift. It has been said that HIFU reduces the appearance of ageing by between four and eight years in just one treatment.


How does HIFU work?

The treatment targets the foundation layer of your skin. Unlike laser treatments, which penetrates the skin, the HIFU procedure actually bypasses the skin surface and delivers highly targeted energy into the structural tissues and muscles where collagen is present. The energy stimulates collagen production in the deep dermal and sub-dermal levels, resulting in micro injury to that tissue. As this tissue heals, the collagen fibres shorten, resulting in a tightening effect seen on the skin.


  • Only one treatment usually required
  • Results last 1 – 3 years depending on ageing and skin elasticity
  • No recovery time after treatment
  • The next best thing to an actual facelift
  • No cuts to the skin


  • Consultation including skin scan and advice £25 (redeemable against products or treatment booked).
  • Eye Lift £199
  • Jowl lift £349
  • Neck lift £299
  • Full Face £499
  • Full Face and Neck £749
  • Bespoke lifting package from £495