Glycopeel Facials for smoother, brighter skin


BeautyLab – developed and produced in the UK – is the latest skincare favourite with celebrities. It is full of active ingredients such as Glycolic, Hyluronic Acid and Relax Neuropeptide serum which treat your skin, leaving it feeling and looking great. Beautylab’s philosophy is to re activate and re educate the skins functions with a commitment to combine cutting edge science with the latest technology.

The Glycopeel Facial

Ideal for acne scarring, pigmentation and dull skin, the Glycopeel Facial is a unique resurfacing treatment combining Glycolic Acid and Pomegranate Enzymes for optimum effect leading to a complexion that is softer, smoother and brighter. Visible results are immediate, but a programme of 6 weekly sessions is recommended for long-lasting results.

  • Single treatment £45
  • Course of 6 £225 (includes recommended products and supplements for home)

The Glycolic hand treatment

Great for rejuvenating treatment to reduce ageing, pigmentation and sun damage. For optimal results a course of 6 is required.

  • Single treatment £20
  • Course of 6 £100

The glycolic back treatment

Turn your back on problem skin!

A deeply cleansing application of glycopeel removes impurities and smooths skin. Enjoy a complimentary scalp massage to sooth and aid relaxation.

  • Single treatment £30
  • Course of 6 £150

Body treatment

Care for your body and your body will care for you!

A smoothing, sculpting and firming body treatment. Includes a targeted drainage massage for your body concerns.

  • Single treatment £60
  • Course of 6 £300